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Light and Dark

Year 6 pupils are learning about the properties of light and how to set up a fair test. They are learning about variables in an investigation. Here, they are shining a light through a slit in a piece of card and observing what happens to the light rays.
Year 6 are learning about Light in Science. Here we are using mirrors to show how light is reflected off them into their eyes from the object they are looking at. The other photos show children carrying out an investigation based on an idea from a pupil in the class. We had been looking at how images are formed on the retina using a black square on a white background and vice versa. We stared at the square and then shut our eyes. We could see the image of the square but it was the opposite. A black square appeared white. It was decided to experiment with different coloured squares on different backgrounds. Some pupils found that if the colours are far apart on the spectrum, the image is clearer but still the opposite colour. So a blue square on a red background appears red when you shut your eyes. The pupils want to try other variables next week.