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Building Learning Power

We use Guy Claxton's Building Learning Power (or 'BLP') as a way to help provide our children with the skills they need to be independent successful learners. Our birds each represent one of the five Rs: Resilience, Relationships, Risk, Reflectiveness and Resourcefulness. Certificates are given out each week to celebrate the children who have demonstrated one (or more) of our Rs. 

Resourcefulness: The magpie gathers the best resources and uses these to help solve problems.


Reflectiveness: The owl spends time thinking and reflecting to solve problems and work things out.


Risk: The swallow is prepared to take a risk and also learn from the mistakes they make.


Resilience: The Woodpecker does not give up, even when things get tricky.

Relationships: The starling needs to have good relationships and work well as part of a team.