30/8/21 - Update from the Executive Headteacher
I hope that you have all had a lovely summer break, and that the children are looking forward to the start of the new term and seeing their friends and school staff again.
As you are probably aware, the guidelines regarding 'bubbles' and various other covid safe measures have been removed for the new term. Therefore we are going back to our normal school day times for all pupils from Reception to Year 6. The school day will start at 8.50 and end at 3.20. (Nursery 9am - 12noon/3pm)
However, cases in Devon and Cornwall are still very high and so we would ask that, for now, the following arrangements for dropping off and picking up your children are in place.
Nursery/Rec/Year1/Year2 - At the start of the day children and their adults are to wait on the nursery playground (socially distanced) for their class teacher. Parent/carer only to leave once a member of staff has seen them and taken child from them.
KS2 - Years 3-6 - At the start of the day children and parent/carers to line up in cul-de-sac. Gates/register will open at 8.50am. Children are to be in class no later than 9am when register will close. Class teachers will be ready to greet children on the school driveway and parents should not come through gate.
ALL CHILDREN AT END OF DAY will line up on main school playground with their class. Parent/carers to be socially distanced waiting on main school playground, away from the building to give children space to line up.
Although, lots of the safety measures are no longer included in any guidance, please rest assured that we will continue to encourage pupils to wash their hands regularly, keep their distance from other children that they don't work with closely and we will ventilate the building and continue with increased cleaning measures.
We would be grateful if you continue to let us know if members of your family or close contacts have symptoms or been diagnosed with Covid.
We are looking forward to seeing you all again, best wishes.
Katie Gray
Executive Headteacher
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