Sunflower and pumpkin competition

24 September 2018

From small seeds mighty crops may grow and guess what, they did just that in the Littleham School garden! As the growing season comes to a close it was a morning of celebrations in the school garden as children across the school were rewarded for their magnificent efforts in the garden this year. Jack in year 6 picked up first prize with an enormous pumpkin weighing in at 5.9 Kg, Dylan picked up second prize with a weight of 4.9 Kg while Rhys was happy to settle for third place as his pumpkin weighed 4.6 Kg.

Moving from the heaviest to the tallest, staff took to the ladders to measure the tallest sunflower. This year parts of the garden really have looked like a land for giants. Betty and Logan in Year 1 couldn’t have been happier to take first prize for the tallest sunflower, it was a whopping 3.22M tall. Harry in Reception was close with his sunflower measuring 3.18M tall. Slipping in to third place was Kia in Year 6 with an impressive 3.16M tall sunflower. But of course where there’s the tallest there has to be the shortest. Lucas in Year 4 was proud to have the shortest and beautifully formed sunflower measuring 1.8M tall. The other impressive things about sunflowers is just how big the flower heads can grow. Jack in Year 4 was delighted to take first prize for this.

Finally the morning wouldn’t have been complete without digging and picking a few things for lunch. Potatoes galore and grapes for pudding! It really has been a wonderful year for growing produce in our garden and as ever we are grateful to our volunteers and especially Mr Graham Bell for helping us to get the most out of our garden.