Shore to Sea Swimming

Our shore to sea project was everything we hoped it would be! Children were well prepared and felt that learning to swim in the sea was the natural progression from swimming at the local leisure centre. The school is extremely grateful and proud to be working in partnership with: LED Leisure, Mickeys Beach bar and Sideshore, Exmouth. 
The children summed things up beautifully...
Ella "My first impression was that it was very cold, but we warmed up pretty quickly"
Rushden: "I liked swimming in the sea it was really fun!"
Quinn: "It was surprisingly good, and I now know how to ease my way into the sea to not feel as if I'm freezing to death! 
Ben: "It was surprisingly shallow, and we could walk out really far into the sea"
Theo "It was a very good session, and it was really cool, we got wet, we had fun and I can't wait to go back" 
Oli D " Initially it weas really cold but once we were in it got a lot better"
Mia " We learnt some new facts about animals in and around the sea"
Jacob " It was really fun, and I would definitely do it again"
Violet" I enjoyed myself and would definitely go again" 
Rylan " Before we could even get in the sea, we all talked about the safety rules" 
We all agreed that this was an excellent way to start our week, Happy Mondays!