Mexican Food Tasting

Year 6 have been tasting some Mexican food as part of their project, Hola Mexico.
They sampled guacamole, salsa, tortilla wraps, tortilla chips, sour cream, sweet potato, peppers and spicy mango sauce.
Everyone had a taste of something, some for the first time. Afterwards, we gave each food a mark out of 10 and used Google Sheets to produce a bar chart of the results. Next week, we will look at average scores for each food.
'I'm not too sure about the salsa.'
'The tortillas were tasty.'
'I loved the peppers dipped in guacamole.'
'I've never tried most of this before.'
'The mango sauce was very hot!'
We have also been learning about current farming methods and how farmers are paid such a small amount of money for their coffee, that they resorted to slash and burn techniques to grow maize. Many have stopped this process and have set up their own cooperative using more up to date farming methods with the help of Fairtrade. We were surprised to see all of the family, including very young children, helping to gather crops.