Mexican Cookery

Year 6 at Littleham had a Mexican food morning with the help of Sue Stoneman. This was part of our project: 'Hola Mexico'. Pupils made tacos and then filled them with a variety of fillings including guacamole, mixed beans, cheese, sour cream and coriander. Spicy sauces were also available which were liked by many pupils. Some needed some water to cool their mouths! As well as cooking, pupils learned to say some food vocabulary in Spanish, noticing how similar some words were to French and Latin. They created their own menu in Spanish. Pupils also researched food that the Maya would have eaten which included avocados, maize, potatoes and chocolate mixed with chillies and spices. A great morning was had by all. A huge thanks must go to Sue for providing the pupils with the opportunity to try some food new to many of them.