As a school, we take a whole-school approach to maintaining excellent attendance and it is the joint responsibility of parents, pupils, and all staff members to ensure that children are attending school as they should be. We endeavour to work with families to make sure that any problems or circumstances which may lead or be leading to poor attendance are given the right attention and appropriate support.

The Governing Body request that parents and carers:

  • do everything they can to prevent unnecessary school absences, such as by making medical and dental appointments outside of school hours
  • use the school as a support when they or their child are having difficulties, and work to form a positive relationship with the school so that there is easy communication when a problem arises
  • do not take their children out of school for holidays during term time. If parents would like to make a special request for this, they may do so to the Executive Headteacher.
This year’s targets have been set at 96.3% and with your continued support in this area, we are sure that we will improve on last year’s figures. Please see the website for further details and a copy of the attendance policy.

Attendance Awards

For children to make progress at school they need to regularly attend, a figure of 95% or above being expected by the government as a minimum target for Primary Schools. Each term we recognise those children will excellent attendance with an attendance Award. Additionally those pupils will be entered into an end of year draw to win a JD Bug scooter. Last year’s deserved winner was Megan Dickinson, whose name was drawn out of the draw. She also had 100% attendance throughout the year!


From time to time children are poorly enough not to come to school. Bugs soon spread where any group of people work in close contact and schools are no exception. If you believe your child is unwell and will not be attending school, we ask that you contact the school office, where possible before 9am. Children should be kept at home with illnesses such as stomach upsets and return to school 24 hours after symptoms have stopped. For information on contagious and other illnesses, will be very happy to advice you by phone of our policy.

If children become unwell while at school, and need to go home, we will contact you so they may be collected. To assist us in this we ask that you keep us up to date with any changes to mobile phone numbers as well as other contact details. We ask that you come to collect as quickly as possible, but understand this can sometimes take a short while – we will make your child as comfortable as possible while they wait. We are not able to send poorly children home during the school day, even if verbal permission is given over the phone.

Head Lice in School

If head lice are seen on a child’s head in school an ‘alert’ letter will be sent home to the child’s parents. If a child is complaining of an itchy head and gives a member of staff permission they can then check the child’s head for head lice. The adult checking must consider the welfare and dignity of the child, also ensuring the check is in a non public place (but easily accessible) and that another member of staff has been notified of their whereabouts and intentions. If head lice are found an ‘alert’ letter is sent home.

Requesting Holiday in term time

In recent years, schools have been scrutinised more and more regarding attendance and indeed targets are set. It is important that parents seeking authorisation for holidays in term time are aware of the school’s policy on such requests and the potential actions should these be unauthorised.

Exceptional Circumstances

Our policy, similar to that of other local school and the expectations of Government, is that only requests for holidays where ‘exceptional circumstances’ can be demonstrated will be authorised. An example of this might be Armed Forces personnel having leave only in term time. Please ensure that when completing a ‘Holiday in term time request’ you include some detail should you feel there to be a valid reason. Having discussed the matter, please be aware, not being able to get time off from work is not an exceptional circumstance.

Education Welfare Officer (EWO)

Our EWO Supports the school and monitors our levels of whole school and individual pupil attendance. Mrs Pedrick , as for other schools, will be able to offer advice to parents should they contact her seeking assistance. She will also be made aware of pupils who take unauthorised time off from school or are persistently absent. Whilst a fixed penalty notice (£50) is a possibility, it is more likely that parents, in the first instance, may receive a warning letter.