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Whole school visit

7 July 2017 - Latest News

A day like no other, just about the whole school packed on to 3 coaches and headed out to discover all there is to know about sea life. Children were inquisitive and excited. Wonderful to hear them chatting, questioning and soaking up the knowledge! Did you know jellyfish don’t have a brain!

“Jellyfish are so majestic”- Kai. 
“I wonder what jellyfish eat?” Dan H. 
How many metres can a blue whale grow to?   
“I know it’s between 32 -34 M”- Josh. 
The third largest tank is half a million. The largest tank is 5 x bigger. 
How big is it? 
Answer- 2.5 million litres of water in the largest tank. 
“I know why the octopus is called Miss squishy, it’s because she has no bones.” -Amy. 
“coral is in trouble in the ocean at the moment because of the crown of thorns/ star fish attacking them. Also climate change and warmer seas are not good for the coral”-Ellis
 “I now know that stingrays have long tails to help them balance and turn through the water”- Zac