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Normal MAGIC workshop in school

11 March 2019 - Latest News

We’re delighted to be offering a workshop for Parents & Carers using ‘Normal Magic’ for good mental health on Wednesday 20th March at 1.30pm at school. This workshop focuses on what mental health is, how we can all use M.A.G.I.C. in our interactions with children and young people to help support their mental health, the importance of balancing our mental health & positive choices we can make in doing this.  You will hear how you can work alongside school in supporting your child or young person’s mental health, and learn more about looking after your own mental health!

Normal Magic is something that every one of us can perform when talking to each other – remember what MAGIC stands for:

Me- How you are is crucial to successful listening- Keep the lid on your inner ‘rescuer’. We cannot solve everything for everyone but we can help them be their own superhero.

Active listening- Is my body language open? How is my posture? Am I likely to be distracted? If so can I manage it? Acknowl­edge and be interested but beware leading questions.

Generate their “Next steps’’

Inspire and be inspired.

Compliment and notice them.

If you would like further information please contact: Mr Nelmes or the school office on 01392 266535

To book a place, please contact the school office. We would love you to join us!