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World War 1 Art
31 October 2014

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Heatree Residential 2014
22 October 2014

Sadly, our Heatree residential came to an abrupt end on Wednesday with a serious outbreak of sickness amongst the children and staff. However, they still managed to have some serious adventure.

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World Book Day 2014
9 March 2014

This year’s event proved to be another hugely enjoyable event with all the children and adults dressed as their favourite fictional hero or heroine.

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Ofsted Report 2014
13 February 2014

We are pleased to share with you the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection, where the inspectors judged our school to be a good school which continues to improve on our previous inspection. Additionally, they judged that we have a good capacity to improve even further. The key summary judgements are:

The headteacher, leaders, managers and governors are very well focused on school priorities and are driving improvement well. As a result, the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement continue to improve.

Pupils currently in the school make good progress from their starting points because they fully engage with their lessons, are appropriately challenged and teachers expect them to do well. Their achievement in reading and writing is particularly good.

The action taken to improve teaching through robust monitoring has been very effective; teaching is consistently good.

Teachers know the pupils very well, giving them confidence and a keenness to do well.  A thorough check on progress ensures that teachers know exactly how well pupils are doing and quickly give them some additional help if they need it.

Children settle very quickly into the Early Years Foundation Stage. They are given things to do that interest and excite them. Every opportunity is taken to develop their speaking skills and widen their vocabulary.

Behaviour is good; pupils are polite and well mannered. They participate enthusiastically in lessons.

We were also pleased that the inspector recognised the wider aims of the school in ensuring that the children leave school with the skills for future life. They noted:

A particular strength of the school is that every opportunity is taken to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development based on Christian values and the school’s strong emphasis on tolerance and mutual respect.

The headteacher has inspired the whole staff team, who all work very closely together, so that there is a consistency of approach which is taking the school forward.

Leaders at all levels, including middle leaders and the governors, have a fierce ambition for improvement and consistently set high expectations for pupils’ achievement and the quality of teaching. Consequently, the school has continued to improve since the previous inspection and has demonstrated the capacity to improve even further.

Clearly, an inspection also provides us with an opportunity for clarifying our next steps as a school, which are to ensure that marking always helps pupils to see what they need to do to improve and that the teaching of, and pupils’ progress in, mathematics through the school is as consistently good as in reading and writing.

Follow the link on the home page to read the report in detail.


Climate Cops in School!
12 February 2014

Sponsored by NPower, the children in Key Stage 2 recently explored producing and saving electricity as part of being a Climate Cop.

From being wrapped in tin foil to explore insulation, calculating the cost of savings for double glazing, as well as finding the small changes that everyone can make at home to save electricity, the day was a valuable learning opportunity.

“I learnt how not to waste energy!” Molly, Year 3

“It was a real treat!” Bobby , Year 4

“I’d like to be a Climate Cop for a hobby” Bella, year 4

This is a very important area of our curriculum, where fostering an interest and awareness of energy saving can make a real difference.

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Our Projects
26 November 2013
Year 1 and 2 visit Clip and Climb!
25 November 2013

As soon as they put their harnesses on, the children had started to overcome any fears and they were all eager to try. The adults were surprised how high and fast they climbed, and some even reached the top of the climbing walls! All the children took a risk and were proud of what they had achieved. Well done!

“The first time I felt scared but when I saw it I had a go!” – Courtney Year 1

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Sports Day 2013
10 July 2013

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Year 5 and 6 Hit the Surf session on Exmouth beach
3 July 2013

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year 1 and 2 trip to Escot
1 July 2013

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