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Governor updates and news for April 2019
24 April 2019

Dear Staff, Parents and Carers

Governors have been working to complete the process of negotiations with the Jubilee Federation as we enter into a Management Partnership to secure Executive Head leadership from Mrs Gray. Mrs Gray has been working with Mr Nelmes and our Heads of Learning, Mrs Milford and Mrs Padbury. Mr Nelmes will continue to support us up until the end of April ensuring that Mrs Gray has a full handover and continues to familiarise herself with our two schools, their staff and pupils. We are grateful for the part that each person has played in this process and look forward to welcoming Mrs Gray as our new Executive Head Teacher at the start of the summer term.

Mr Nelmes and Mrs Gray have worked together to agree staffing adjustments during the Management Partnership to ensure that Mr Nelmes’ additional roles are continued. My thanks to those staff who have been willing to take on these additional roles; governors are delighted that our SEN and Safeguarding team are strengthened by this arrangement and we will continue in our governance role to monitor the effectiveness of these important aspects of our schools.

Into these new roles we welcome Mrs Turner, Class 3 teacher at Woodbury Salterton who will now also take up the post of SEND Intervention teacher to support children with SEN in key stage 2 in our new Learning Hub at Littleham. Also our thanks to Mrs Hooper, Key Stage 1 Leader at Littleham who will take on an additional role as Senior Teacher at Littleham. Mrs Hooper will join the safeguarding team. In addition our Heads of Learning will be increasing their leadership time and Mrs Bradbury, our Assistant SENCO, will be increasing her hours and we thank them all for their willingness and team spirit.

We will be saying farewell to our School Business Manager, Mrs Evans who works across both our schools and leads our team of school administrators. Mrs Evans’ role has been very important in ensuring that the federation model is successful. She has helped Mr Nelmes and governors ensure that as an organisation we are financially well led and we are grateful for her hard work and leadership. Into the role of School Administration Manager we welcome Mrs Deborah Maddocks, who will be taking up her post across the Federation continuing the work of Mrs Evans in our two schools leading our admin team.

Governors continue to support the senior leadership team to ensure that your schools are well led. We will be working closely with Mrs Gray for the duration of the Management Partnership supporting her as we monitor the effectiveness for all our schools and ensure the high standards of teaching and learning continue. We are preparing for forthcoming inspections and will ensure that we are ready to demonstrate our strengths and provision for our pupils.

On behalf of the Governing Body, I want to take an opportunity to say a thank you and farewell to our departing Executive Head, Mr Nelmes. Mr Nelmes has led our two schools and supported us to ensure the benefits of collaboration and partnership. We have been very fortunate to have retained an experienced Executive Head Teacher through federation which has resulted in ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ inspection outcomes in Ofsted and SIAMS (the Church school inspection). Mr Nelmes is a great example of a team player- there has been no job too grand or too small for him, he has taken on each role and task with the commitment of making our schools happy and safe places of learning. He has made a point to get to know each child and to be an approachable face of our leadership team to parents. He leaves us to carry on his work in education specialising in supporting pupils with additional educational needs, a role he enjoys and has shown real commitment to. Governors wish him every success and blessings for the future.

If you want to ask any further questions regarding the work of governors or about the Management Partnership please don’t hesitate to get in touch; email me on

Mrs Clare Rooke

Chair of Governors

Pebblebed Heath Federation




Our value this half term
24 April 2019

Learning to be a good friend, someone who can be trusted and is loyal, takes a lifetime and this term we will using the value of Friendship to explore this in more detail. Once again we will be using an acrostic poem to help us explore this value.

Friendship is…

Finding things to do together

Relying on each other

Impossible on your own

Enjoying being together

Never selfish

Depending on someone else

Sharing hopes and dreams

Happiness and laughter

Including others


This term’s family challenge is to make a card or present for someone who is a friend to your whole family. You could add a gift tag saying how much you appreciate them! Why not talk together at home about how friends come in all shapes and sizes. Some are young, some are old. Some are always there, some we see only occasionally. How do we choose our friends? What makes a good friend? Are we a good friend to others?

Click here for more Home School ideas to support this value.

Spring has sprung at Littleham
28 March 2019

It was wonderful to see over 100 children get involved in planting onions, radishes, wild flowers and other hardy annuals in school. With the support of Mr Graham Bell from Exmouth in Bloom, we’re delighted to be regularly giving the children the opportunity to develop skills of teamwork, as well as their gardening expertise at school. Our thanks also to Kings Garden Centre for the tools and seeds they gave the school as part of their prize for Best Schools’ Vegetable Garden.

Naan bread Monday and Taco Tuesday!
12 March 2019

As part of our topic Food around the World, two groups in year three have cooked their mystery meal for the rest of the class. The children correctly guessed the mystery countries India and Mexico. The children enjoyed tying new foods and rating them, Riley gave the taco a ten out of ten!


Normal MAGIC workshop in school
11 March 2019

We’re delighted to be offering a workshop for Parents & Carers using ‘Normal Magic’ for good mental health on Wednesday 20th March at 1.30pm at school. This workshop focuses on what mental health is, how we can all use M.A.G.I.C. in our interactions with children and young people to help support their mental health, the importance of balancing our mental health & positive choices we can make in doing this.  You will hear how you can work alongside school in supporting your child or young person’s mental health, and learn more about looking after your own mental health!

Normal Magic is something that every one of us can perform when talking to each other – remember what MAGIC stands for:

Me- How you are is crucial to successful listening- Keep the lid on your inner ‘rescuer’. We cannot solve everything for everyone but we can help them be their own superhero.

Active listening- Is my body language open? How is my posture? Am I likely to be distracted? If so can I manage it? Acknowl­edge and be interested but beware leading questions.

Generate their “Next steps’’

Inspire and be inspired.

Compliment and notice them.

If you would like further information please contact: Mr Nelmes or the school office on 01392 266535

To book a place, please contact the school office. We would love you to join us!

World Book Day
10 March 2019

World Bok Day was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to be reminded of the enjoyment of books and reading. Thank you to all the parents/carers for making such an effort, it was lovely to see the children dressed as their favourite book characters. We were fortunate indeed to have J.K. Rowling herself officially start our assembly!

Events this half term
3 March 2019

With so much going on this coming half term, we wanted to share information of some dates for your diary in order to help your child feel prepared!

Monday 25th February – After school clubs continue. Please check for spaces at the office if you’d like your child to sign up. There is a £4.00 joining fee.

Tuesday 26th February – Parent Teacher Family Association AGM. 2.30-3.30pm. We are always looking for new members to join this time and welcome you to join us in helping to raise funds for school. This meeting will take place at school. Please let the school office know beforehand if you would like to come along to this meeting.

Wednesday 27th February – Swimming continues for Years 3 and 4.

Thursday 28th February – Martial arts Club starts after school. Ask at the office for a flyer.

Thursday 7th March – World Book Day. The theme in school will be to get comfy and share a story! Children can dress up as their favourite book character.

Tuesday 12th March – Dinosaurs – Fun, Fact and Fantasy. Family session in the school hall. All ages welcome to come along and learn exciting facts about dinosaurs and see some incredible artefacts. PTFA will be providing refreshments for a small charge.

Friday 15th March- Comic Relief and our School council will be promoting this event with the children. All donations on this day will go to comic relief.

Friday 29th ‘March Mothering/Caring Adult Tea Party’. The children will be bringing home an invite along with a letter.

Thursday 4th April – Easter Bingo after school. Refreshments provided by PTFA for a small charge. Children will be bringing home a letter.Prizes including meat vouchers up for grabs!

Friday 5th April- Deaf Awareness Dress Down Day.

We do hope that you and your child can support these events.



Doing Lent Generously
28 February 2019

Once again this year, we’re encouraging everyone to take part in the daily 40 Acts challenge: 40 nudges in a generous direction.  Generosity rarely “just happens” – usually it has to be planned for. This Lent, we’ll start by laying the groundwork.  

Lent is usually about ‘giving stuff up’, isn’t it? What if you could add something transformational to the traditional? What if you could give up chocolate and give the money to your favourite charity? What if you could turn the TV off and spend more time helping your neighbour? What if Lent was a preparation for a lifetime of big-heartedness that reflected God’s amazing generosity? Well, that’s where 40acts comes in. Each day, we will be encouraging the whole school community to spread acts of generosity through simple daily acts of kindness.

Once again we are using an acrostic poem to help us…

Generosity is…

Encouraging the best in each other

Never selfish

Enjoying helping others

Raising support for a good cause

Offering what we can

Sharing our time and talents

Inviting someone to join in

Taking care of God’s creation for future generations

You first, me last.



Latest Online Safety Updates
26 February 2019

Keeping Safe Online

Keeping your child safe whilst online is so essential and it’s important to involve yourself in your child’s online life and a simple and effective way to this is by talking to them about their life online.  Try to maintain an open dialogue with your child and find opportunities to talk to them about what they love to do online. Parents can help children access the amazing resources the internet has to offer whilst keeping them safe online at the same time.


Please see below for a useful information page warning parents about ‘The Momo Challenge’- what it is and how to keep your child safe. Momo is a new viral game that encourages players to perform a series of challenges in order to meet ‘Mother Bird’ – a disfigured character (inspired by Japanese art) with bulging eyes and untidy black hair on a chicken-like body.

Light-hearted and fun at the outset, this game experience quickly darkens, absorbing players who are encouraged to perform acts of violence and self-harm through a series of progressively risky challenges. Originating in Mexico, it is easily accessed through social media shares (predominantly Facebook and YouTube) and is rapidly spreading across the world.

The Momo Challenge a factsheet for parents


Please see below for a useful advice sheet about the online video game Fortnite and how to keep your child safe when playing.

National Online Safety: Childnet: A Parent’s Guide to Fortnite


Protecting your child’s privacy online

Here’s a link to a useful guide for parents on protecting the privacy of their child online:



Snapchat have introduced a new feature called ‘Snap Map’ which allows users to see where in the country their Snapchat contacts are, allowing users to zoom into a map and see the exact location of their friends.

Here is the latest advice for parents and carers published by Childnet International, a leading organisation for online safety: Snap Map Advice Childnet

For more details about safer internet please click the link below:

Visit our Parent Zone/CEOP page, this provides you with all the latest articles from the Parent Zone and CEOP, which are regularly updated.


Useful Online Safety Information

The following websites are full of useful information:

Visit the age-appropriate related sites: 5-7s (Hector’s World), 8-10s (Cybercafe) or watch one of the films on the 11-16s site.

Useful video resources can be found at



Look out Gino, Gordon and Jamie, Littleham can cook!
26 February 2019

Family Learning cook up a real treat in school and fill the hall with a wonderful  aroma of curry and rice. Magical to hear that for some they tasted a vegetable they’ve never tried before, some have changed their minds and now like brown rice, others were super smart and cooked their very first curry! Excellent cooking today, look out Gino, Gordan and Jamie Littleham can cook!