The Littleham team

  • Mrs Katie Gray

    Executive Headteacher

    At Littleham CE Primary every child really does matter and our relatively small class sizes and favourable adult to pupil ratios ensure that we deliver a curriculum that is focused on the needs of the individual. Please feel free to contact the school and arrange a visit. We would be delighted to show you around.

  • Mr Tom Paddon

    Head of School

    I have been at Littleham since September 2022, as Head of School and Designated Safeguarding Lead, and feel privileged to be part of the team here. You will often find me by the school entrance at the beginning and end of the day. Please do get in touch if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.

  • Mrs Louise Baker


  • Mrs Carrie Goodwin


    SENCO and deputy safeguarding lead.

  • Mrs Joanne Poslett

    Pastoral Lead

    Pastoral lead and deputy safeguarding lead.

  • Mr Ed Thomas

    Oak class teacher (Yr 5/6)

    Mr Thomas is supported by Mrs Dickinson and Mrs Jeffries.

  • Mr Jamie Robinson

    Ash class teacher (Yr 3/4)

    Mr Robinson is supported by Mrs Dickinson, Mrs Jeffries and Mrs Clarke.

  • Mr Mark Badham-Doyle

    Chestnut class teacher (Yr 1/2)

    Mr Badham-Doyle is supported by Miss Tang, Mrs Jeffries and Mrs Clarke.

  • Mrs Lucy Doyle

    Willow class teacher (Nursery & Reception)

    Mrs Doyle is supported by Mrs Trail, Mrs Gibson and Mrs Phillips.

  • Mr Steve Hayman

    Willow class teacher (Nursery & Reception)

    Mr Hayman covers Mrs Doyle's PPA and takes the class on a Friday.

  • Miss Lynne Jackman

    Beech class teacher (Nurture hub)

    Miss Jackman is supported by Mrs Twycross, Miss Morrow, Mrs Jones (M,T & W) and Miss Hunter (Th & F).

  • Mrs Leigh Dickinson


    Mrs Dickinson provides PPA cover across the school.

  • Mrs Siobhan Scott

    Pastoral support

  • Mrs Emma Gibson

    Pastoral support

  • Mrs Ali Jeffries

    Teaching assistant

  • Mrs Jackie Clarke

    Teaching assistant

  • Miss Winnie Tang

    Teaching assistant

  • Mrs Emma Trail

    Teaching assistant

  • Mrs Sophie Phillips

    Teaching assistant

  • Mrs Lorraine Twycross

    Teaching assistant

  • Miss Freya Morrow

    Teaching assistant

  • Mrs Kelly Jones

    Teaching assistant

  • Miss Katrina Hunter

    Teaching assistant