Tasty Maths in The Learning Hub

We’ve been cooking up some Maths, sorry,  we mean pizza!  Preparing and cooking pizza has been a great way to help learn fractions. 

From Monday to Thursday, the group have been refreshing their knowledge of fractions, ready to be put to the test on Friday. As well as flexing their Maths muscles for the weighing out of ingredients and timings for letting the dough prove and the pizzas cook, the group then dazzled Mrs Hooper (our Maths lead) with their knowledge of fractions.   

Once they had cooked and were cool enough, we practised our fractions, ensuring that all the slices were either equal 1/2s, 1/4s or 1/8s. The only problem with this type of Maths lesson is you can’t reuse it as the pupils ate all the resources! We only hope that at least one slice made it home for families to taste. 

Cooking tip - always add a pinch of Maths to whatever you’re baking or cooking.