Heads Up!

Mental Health and wellbeing have always been a priority in our school but now more than ever, it is at the forefront of what we do. The children have had the incredible opportunity to work with Paula Baker from the mental health group 'Heads Up'. This is an organisation raising awareness of mental health through sport. All classes in the school have had the opportunity to work with Paula completing a session tackling issues connected to our well-being and looking at what  mental health is and what emotions we might feel. The children explored the emotions of worry and anxiety, what they feel like and how we can use a variety of strategies to improve our mental health. 
The children came up with some fabulous ideas for improving their mental health.
Some quotes:
"I think mental health is good for your actual health" Betty 
"It's good to do things that make you feel relaxed" Betty
"We learned that we need to keep drinking water" Aaron 
"She talked about fears, and that we need to talk to mummy, daddy, teachers and our friends." Isla.
"Making new friends is good for our mental health" Theo 
"Heads Up gave children a safe space to talk about their emotions and worries as well as build their self-esteem." Miss Plumridge
"Learning to look after your mental health is just as important as learning to look after your physical health. We believe that now more than ever children need support around their mental health. Prevention and early intervention is the most effective way forward and Littleham Primary School have been very proactive in doing this. The children have been very engaging and positive in the sessions. We look forward to continuing to work with the pupils at Littleham Primary school."
Paula Baker