Displays of Class and Home Learning

Whilst some of our children are learning at home and some are in their bubbles at school we are still putting examples of both sets of work on classroom displays so that all work is celebrated. Can you find your piece of learning?
Year 6 pupils using the new Lego Education Spike Prime to make sports equipment such as a basketball hoop, a treadmill and a slide. The next stage will be to make a robot to perform various tasks.
Here’s Lily’s story of 'The Hungry Wolf' that she was asked to do for English this week. Lily worked very hard and her writing is beautiful. Well done Lily .
Layla and Archie have been busy as young scientists and explorers at home!  They dissected owl pellets and they think Layla’s owl ate a vole and Archie's ate lots of small mice. Milly's pellet had the biggest skull.