School Aims and Ethos

School Aims and Ethos
On this page you will find the whole school Ethos and Mission Statements as well as the school aims that the governors and school staff work towards.

Pebblebed Hub Vision Statement

"Encouraging one another, to live life in all its fullness"


As a federation we reviewed our Vision during the Autumn Term of 2019. We decided to launch the new vision statement, which is based on John 10:10, with children and parents with a special event across the federation. During the launch week the children were immersed in some very special activities to help them to understand what the vision statement means and how it can impact on their lives. 

Vision Launch Week
During the week of the 18th  November 2019, children from Littleham C of E Primary school explored our new school value, ‘Encouraging one another, to live life in all its fullness.’  
On the first day, the children went to Littleham Church to explore how God sees them through a range of practical prayer activities.  They looked at a variety of  ‘You are....’ truths. They printed their fingerprints to know, ‘You are special’; they looked in mirrors to know ‘You are beautiful’;  they wrote their name in lights and on a huge graffiti board to show, ‘You are mine’; they placed plasters on a giant paper person to show that ‘You heal my hurts’; they lit candles to know, ‘You have my light -shine’; they spent time in quiet on cushions and in dens to know, ‘You have a purpose’; they wrote words of praise on scrabble boards to know, ‘You are created’;  they wrote down things that people have said to them that have hurt them on ‘etch a sketch boards’ and saw by rubbing them out  how God can make them whole again, again and again.  
Having this inner confidence in knowing who they are, they were then encouraged to make a puzzle piece which then formed a giant whole-school jigsaw puzzle showing that together we are all part of God’s family and that together we can achieve so much more and can live life to the full. 
In Vision Week 2021 we focused on the The Big Frieze that we focus on for our Religious Education lessons. Each class took the theme of one of the Big Frieze panels and their work has been used to make our own Big Frieze in the school grounds.