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Well done role models!
21 January 2018

Well done to all the children who received Learner of the Week certificates. What role models you all are!

Fractions in Year 5
21 January 2018

Year 5 children are learning about fractions using a range of resources. They have been comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. They have also been relating their knowledge of fractions to their knowledge of angles. Great learning everyone!

Liam also had an idea that all of his fractions made a whole circle. He was able to prove, by converting each fraction to an angle, that they didn’t. A great example of the link between fractions and angles as well as testing a hypothesis.

Materials in Year 1
15 January 2018

To conclude their topic on materials, Year 1 looked at the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children had a go at making a house for a pig using straws, sticks and bricks. The children were extremely focused while building their houses, working together, with lots of talk about how to join the materials, how to make strong houses and dealing with frustration when the building was tricky. The best part was pretending to be wolves, to try and huff and puff the houses down! Not as easy as they thought!

Shape hunt
15 January 2018

The Reception and afternoon Nursery children have been investigating shapes with Mrs Seymour. On Wednesday afternoon they went on a shape hunt around the reception and nursery rooms, looking for squares, triangles, circles and rectangles. The children were really excited every time they found a shape, although it was tricky to find many triangles! There was lots of talk about how they knew which shape it was – how many sides and corners, round or straight sides… Great shape hunting Reception and Nursery!

Great literacy learning in reception class
14 January 2018

Our Reception children have been learning to retell the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. They have loved re-enacting the story in their brick house and making their own 3D houses for the Three Little Pigs to live in. They have also been working on sequencing the story in the correct order of events. Great learning!

Science investigation in Year 2
14 January 2018

Year Two are learning about materials and their uses. In science they thought about which materials would stop en egg from breaking if you accidentally dropped it. They chose their materials from bubble wrap, newspaper, saw dust, cardboard, egg boxes, some even made their own boxes from polystyrene. “I am so shocked mine didn’t break” said Bobby who filled a box and buried his egg in sawdust inside. “We are shocked ours did”, said Jacob and Auron who carefully placed their egg into sponge and wrapped it into bubble wrap.

Fizz Pop Science
8 January 2018

Fantastic Fizz Pop Science and a very informative whole school assembly on fascinating facts about air. Who knew it could be so much fun and incredibly interesting to learn about the air that surrounds us. What happens when you compress air? Or heat air up? If you’re a keen scientist look out for the Fizz Pop Science Club leaflets advertising the club due to start on Wednesdays after school.

Great start to 2018
5 January 2018

It was a wonderful way to start the New Year with all the chidlren making such an excellent start to term, displaying such a positive approach to school. Well done in particular to our Learners of the Week, as well as the Year 6 children who reached their target and donated a quality book of their choice to the school library. What a start to term!

Roman fort building at forest school
5 January 2018

Year 4 make a cracking start to their topic work and discover history through play. They showed cooperation and organisation as they built roman forts and worked like roman soldiers in our forest school.

Food around the World - Year 3
5 January 2018

Year three started their new topic with a tasting session. This term their class topic is Food around and the World, and they started by looking at some foods from different countries and matching the country to the food. They created a tally chart to find out which was the most popular of the foods in our class and all had a go at trying the different foods from around the world. Kian thought the olives were ‘epic’, but Cody wasn’t so sure!

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