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Well done role models!
22 September 2017

Well done to all the children who received Learner of the Week certificates and values in action leaves. Another great week in school!


Creative Station fun!
22 September 2017

The children had another excellent session as part of the Creative Station after school club. This week they were exploring handprints to make fabulous mobiles. Great job everyone! If you’re interested in your child taking part, please visit the office from further details.

Reading Mentors
22 September 2017

Our Reading Mentors from Year 4 and 5 helped to make an excellent start to the day for Reception and Year 1 children. Sharing favouirte books together is so important, listening to to stories being read is such a magical time. Well done everyone!

Levers and pulleys in year 5
20 September 2017

Year 5 children are learning about levers, pulleys, inclined planes and wheels and axles in Science. Here they are looking at everyday tools to find out what type of ‘machine’ each one is; how it works and makes the job easier and why it has been designed the way it has. Next, they will be learning more about objects that use levers to perform their task such as pliers, nut crackers, secateurs and catapults.

Great home learning!
20 September 2017

Clearly inspired by her topic of the Vikings, Rose made these at home as part of her independent learning about Viking life. Rose dressed these characters as Vikings and researched what they used to wear, along with the names they might have had. The man is Ragnar and the girl Lagatha. She explained how the women farmed the land and made their own shields. Rose read a diary entry of her own creation to the class for a Viking girl living in those times. It described how her father would tell them stories. One of them was about how he lost his toe! Year 5/6 are still waiting to find out the answer. Well done Rose!

Duck Race 30th September
18 September 2017

Our PTFA are holding their annual Duck Race on 30th September at 6pm with a £100 prize to the winning duck. The event will be followed by a hog roast and bar at Littleham Community Hall, West Down Lane. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Learners of the Week
17 September 2017

Well done to all the children who displayed such a positive attitude to learning last week in school. With reasons such as ‘trying their personal best’,  ‘getting themselves to school on time’, ‘being independent’, ‘reading to their grown ups at home, ‘being eager to learn’, ‘great focus and brilliant descriptive language’ and ‘amazing reading’ we’re proud of you all. What role models you all are!

Delicious, nutritious, yummy school dinners!
9 September 2017

It’s good to back to school for lots of reasons, one of them being school dinners. Is your child making the most of the offer of a free meal for all children in reception, year 1 and 2? Perhaps you’ve yet to check if your  child is eligible for a free school meal? Or perhaps you’ve yet to take advantage of a daily meal for just £2.00. As a Food for Life school we’re delighted to be offering high quality meals for the children with such a range of choices per day. Thank you Vanessa Land, our kitchen manager, and her team for all their hard work!

Values in action - thankfulness
8 September 2017

Well done to all the children who displayed our value of Thankfulness in action this week. From not complaining and simply getting on with things, to always remembering to say thank to others and keeping focused on the positives, all the children are excellent role models. Thank you!

Learners of the week
8 September 2017

Well done to all the children who received Learners of the Week certificates today. What an excellent start you have all made to the term. From having-a-go, to being brilliant role, taking care of their own learning, being responsible and completing the Summer Reading Challenge, we are so proud of you all. Keep it up!

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