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Thank you Devon Cliffs!
19 July 2017

Year 6 at Littleham C of E Primary School enjoyed an end of term treat courtesy of Devon Cliffs. The pupils enjoyed a session in the swimming complex followed by Adventure Golf and a chance to tackle the incredible climbing wall. Afterwards, they enjoyed lunch and time to play in the play parks. Year 6 would love to send a huge ‘Thank you!’ to all of the friendly and welcoming staff at Devon Cliffs, especially Allen Main who helped us organise the trip.

Well done!
7 July 2017

Well done to those children who were nominated for June’s Achiever of the Month. What role models you all are. Well done to Shannon Potter who won this month’s award.  Also, well done our Learners of the Week – what stars you are!

Super Sports Day!
7 July 2017

Something for everyone as children dashed about the field showing they have what it takes to win and enjoy sport. Fantastic display of team spirit, determination and resilience. What better way to end our sports day than a family picnic lunch. Wonderful to see children and adults celebrating success together. Overall winners of Littleham Sports day 2017, Team Birch. Congratulations you were all amazing!

Whole school visit
7 July 2017

A day like no other, just about the whole school packed on to 3 coaches and headed out to discover all there is to know about sea life. Children were inquisitive and excited. Wonderful to hear them chatting, questioning and soaking up the knowledge! Did you know jellyfish don’t have a brain!

“Jellyfish are so majestic”- Kai. 
“I wonder what jellyfish eat?” Dan H. 
How many metres can a blue whale grow to?   
“I know it’s between 32 -34 M”- Josh. 
The third largest tank is half a million. The largest tank is 5 x bigger. 
How big is it? 
Answer- 2.5 million litres of water in the largest tank. 
“I know why the octopus is called Miss squishy, it’s because she has no bones.” -Amy. 
“coral is in trouble in the ocean at the moment because of the crown of thorns/ star fish attacking them. Also climate change and warmer seas are not good for the coral”-Ellis
 “I now know that stingrays have long tails to help them balance and turn through the water”- Zac

Messing about on the river
4 July 2017

This couldn’t be further from the truth as Year 4 make the most of a visit to the river Otter. The children showed what super scientist they are as they took samples from the river and used the key to classify all the different creatures. They also showed that applying their maths skills in the natural environment was fun! They enjoyed marking out  a 10 meter stretch of the river and predicting which item would flow down stream the fastest. Some pushed themselves to calculate the average speed. A wonderful day of maths, science and geography on the river bank.

Weddings in Year 1
28 June 2017

As part of our RE topic ‘Celebrations’ , we looked at the traditions of a Christian wedding. We had 7 weddings complete with a bride and groom, best man, bridesmaids and all the families as well as the vicar! We then had the wedding breakfast with toasts and speeches and if course a wedding cake. Bride groom Hugo said “I married Myah because she’s so beautiful!” Our wedding day ended with a disco. Alana said “it wasn’t a good day it was a fantastic day.” Jacob said “I was a bit nervous about getting married but I really enjoyed it!”

School fete success
27 June 2017

It was wonderful to see so many at our school fete. With lots of raffle prizes, BBQ, games and bouncy castles, as well as Creative Station and Buturi Project, the afternoon proved to be very successful  one and also raised important funds for the children at school. Thanks to everyone involved and especially our PTFA who worked extremely hard to make the day such as success.


Whole school delve in to a book and simply enjoy reading
23 June 2017

The whole of KS2 were treated to a ‘reading round-about’ coordinated by Carolyn from the Devon School Library Service. The children all relished the opportunity to read books from lots of different  genres and also helped create a display to promote our up and coming visit to the National Aquarium. Fostering a love of reading is fundamental in helping learners reach their full potential and today showed it’s also a real joy to simply sit and read. In fact the morning was so successful that librarian, Carolyn made a return visit later in the week to see for herself just how much our younger readers in KS1 enjoying reading too. Reception, Y1 and Y2 had a fabulous afternoon immersing themselves in text.

Fantastic fun and lots to discover on the Exe Estuary
23 June 2017

Our Year 4 went to explore the hidden treasures of the estuary. They had a busy time searching for shells such as clams on the sand where the fresh water and salt water meet. The tiniest shells no bigger than grains of sand are scattered everywhere. They dug deep with the spade and found lug worms and rag worms beneath the sand. Y4 all went home now knowing that there’s more to the Exe estuary than first meets the eye. Go see for yourself!

From garden to stomach in less than an hour!
22 June 2017

Earlier in the year, Year 6 pupils planted pea seeds in class using compostable paper tubes. Once they had germinated, and the risk of frost had gone, the plants were planted out into a raised bed. Yesterday, they picked them, shelled them, used them as part of a Numeracy lesson  and, of course, ate them. From garden to stomach in less than one hour! Pupils produced tally charts, calculated the mean number of peas in a pod, the modal number of peas, along with the mean mass of a pea. Pupils also used an Excel spreadsheet to calculate totals, mean values and then to display the data.

Today, they did the same with broad beans that had been sown in the tunnel and planted out by the pupils. It was the first time many of the pupils had opened a broad bean pod. It made the children realise why the harvest song, ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ has the line, ‘Broad beans are sleeping in a blankety bed’ as the inside of the pods has a soft, downy lining. Most of the children liked the taste of the beans, again many of the them were tasting them for the first time.

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